Inside Job!

So this is the inside of the house that I posted on Monday.  This wall is gone.  We opened this room up completely.

009008This wall also was removed.  The entire stairwell was repositioned on the other side of the room.  This gave us almost 5 feet more of kitchen space, and it allowed a space for large French doors that let in so much beautiful sunlight.

007This is another great shot of the wall we removed.

006One more before of this tiny outdated kitchen.

Deb Lauer KitchenSo many great details to point out!  Love this kitchen!  You can see in this picture where the staircase was moved to.  The counter on the right is where the wall was that divided the living space and kitchen prior to the remodel.  The glossy pale brick backsplash is timeless and stunning.  We ran it to the ceiling on the stovetop wall.  The countertop is quartz and is slightly darker than the backsplash.  The column that divides the stove and the doors is actually a small cabinet for brooms and cleaning supplies.  We worked really had to use every square inch of storage space we could get.  The client wanted a couple display cabinets and we chose to flank the window with glass.  The glass door and sidelights let in the maximum amount of light in this wide open space.  Because we were working with 8′ ceilings and the client wanted flexibility with the kitchen table we did all can lighting.  You do not have to hang a light over your table.

Deb Lauer Living The beautiful kitchen looks directly into the living space.  The hardwood floors already existed in this space and we actually had them matched and refinished to run directly into the new kitchen.  We did a bound rug to anchor the conversational space.  The cabinet maker built us a bookcase in the living space, both for more storage, and it was a nice way to accomplish height on this wall.  The shades are woven and we flanked the window with beautiful fabric.  The sofa is facing the wall that the television is on.  This is the wall that we chose to take out a window to accomplish a space for the TV.

Deb Lauer Front 2

Deb Lauer BackWe love that we got to be part of this project.  The client did not skip anything.  She did it all, and did it right.  She hired a great contractor and he not only accomplished everything on her wish list, but he paid attention to details and made sure he covered everything.  We are working on her office now and looking forward to sharing it with you when we finish.

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