To Wallpaper Or To Not Wallpaper

wallpaper 10 Yes!  The answer is always yes!  Today, wallpaper is becoming more popular because new materials, as well as advancements in digital, photo and printing technologies, have brought a new generation of artists and designers to the medium.  Think of wallpaper as a large piece of art and add it to just one wall in your space as an accent. Use bold pattern or colors, and let it be the focus of the room. If you have a room with molding on the walls that creates a paneled effect, just add the wallpaper inside of the panels. Wallpaper can be art, so go ahead and mount a piece on plywood backing, frame it and hang it on the wall. Wallpaper doesn’t have to be just for walls. Consider applying it to the ceiling to give your room an unexpected twist. The options are endless when you find the right wall paper for your home. Looking for home wallpaper inspiration? Let us help you find it!

We love wallpaper and can find a room, or a wall, or a ceiling in your home that should have wallpaper.  All you need is the right people to hang it, and the right pattern (or texture) for your space.

Wallpaper 2jpg

Decorating with wallpaper is a great way to give a different feel to a room, bring in a unique pattern, or texture to act as a temporary statement piece. We love these two patterns (the pattern on the first page and the one above).  The large scale, timeless pattern, metallic backdrop, and clean lines make both of them perfect for many spaces, contemporary or traditional design. Because this paper is the same on the top and the bottom, it would be a beautiful paper for a ceiling.

Wallpaper 24jpg

These geometric prints are so versatile and would be great used as an eye-catching focal point.  This color is contemporary or modern, but in another color the same design can work with many design styles.  We would love to see this in a boys bedroom. In a ceiling treatment, an entry or hallway it would create interest and excitement.


Wallpaper 11jpg

Wallpaper 8jpg

Wallpaper 13jpg

These next three all have a rich, beautiful, and time-honored feel.  The color and pattern dictate the classic and timeless style, but the clean lines, and large scale pattern keep these patterns current and present-day.  Any of the above would make a stunning powder bath, dining room, or a headboard wall in a master bedroom. These are all spaces in your home that you can be somewhat bold and maybe a little crazy.

Wallpaper 18jpg

This is a great traditional pattern with fresh, new, unique, and updated colors.  We love this paper and the possibilities that come with it.  It is both masculine and feminine and would be stunning in an office.

Wallpaper 9jpg

This is another great memorable pattern.  Not only for its traditional pattern, but its rich colors and with out question we love the black background!  This is definitely for an office, the dining room, or a powder bath.  And, what the heck, while your surrounding your entire space with this gorgeousness, don’t stop there………use the coordinating grass cloth on the ceiling!  Which brings us to another paper you absolutely should consider.

Wallpaper 6jpg

Wallpaper 7jpg

Wallpaper 5jpg

Texture, Texture, Texture!  We love these natural products and they belong in any home.  It really doesn’t matter if your home is contemporary, modern, transitional, or traditional, there is a grass cloth, or cork that would be perfect for your home and any room in it.  The paper pictured first has a beautiful matte finish and can be put in any room, on any wall or walls, or any ceiling.  It is a great way to add warmth and character, in a subtle way, to any room.  If you have an older home papers like these are especially kind to plaster walls or abused walls.  The paper is thicker than most, and will hide flaws that the wall has, beautifully.

Wallpaper 15jpg

Wallpaper 16jpg

Both of these papers would be remarkable in a more contemporary or modern home.   They each have a slight metallic flake in them that is understated and eye catching.

Wallpaper 17jpg

Wallpaper 22jpg

Both of these papers have an eclectic feel.  They are again a large scale (have you noticed a trend here……we like large scale).  They would both be a beautiful accent wall.  They could help a small room feel larger, and a large room with little furniture feel smaller and cozy.  They are extremely artistic and show stopping to say the least.

Wallpaper 26jpg

Wallpaper 27jpg

Water color is a hot new trend and seems to be showing up everywhere.  We would love to put either of these works of art in someones home.  They would be beautiful in a dining space, a little girls room.  If your home is contemporary, modern, or eclectic consider wallpapering with art.

Were not even scratching the surface of the endless possibilities there are.  This is a great reason to hire a designer.  A professional not only can help to pin-point the spot in your home to paper, but the best pattern and texture for your space.  They also should have an experienced wallpaper installer that they can call on and have worked with on many occasions.  This is critical.  A professional installer knows the proper way to prep your walls so that when your taste changes, or your paper goes out of style, (and these things do happen) it can easily come down and a new treatment installed.  The right placement, the right paper and an experienced installer that knows what they are doing can make or break this process.  Think of wallpaper as the art in the room, it isn’t cheap and sometimes can be quite expensive, hiring a professional can ensure it is perfect and you will enjoy it for years. Happy wallpapering!

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