Exterior Overhaul

IMG_7615There are a few things to keep in mind when your considering updating anything on the exterior of your home.  Unfortunately one thing always leads to another.  If you get a new roof and leave the paint, the paint will look old and dingy.  Chances are if you are changing the color of siding you will want to consider your gutters.  Don’t forget the lighting, the front door, the list continues………


This home is a great example of a great, yet subtle roof color.  Always keeping in mind the paint color you intend to use, and/or stone or brick you plan to use, as a general rule we say no red and very little white flecks.  There are many brown roofs that have red undertones.  Stay away from this color.  We have yet to see a paint or stone that this complements well.  If you are doing stone or brick the less variation in the color of the shingle the better.  It can get too busy and take away from your beautiful home.  Your roof should not stand out, it should complement your overall design. Keeping the gutters the same color as the home, or close, so they visually “go away” would be our suggestion.  Because this home doesn’t have stone we chose 3 colors for it.  The pop of the unexpected teal color is a fun addition.  The color is somewhat “muddy” so again, there isn’t anything shouting too loud.  Against its white neighbors the tri-color is fun and unique.



Because this home has the brick element, which not only adds texture, but is a color in itself that has to be considered with the paint.  We picked a neutral palette, that lets the brick stand out and doesn’t fight with it.  Notice that even though the windows remain white, the trim went dark along with the gutters. Notice the vertical siding at each corner transition.  These should always be the body color.  They are not a trim piece and should not be painted a different color.

Melissa Shattuck old

shattuck 3

We love this transformation.  The homeowner said “no more brown!” Which can be tricky when you have brown brick on your home.  We chose Sherwin Williams Attitude Gray SW 7060.  https://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/find-and-explore-colors/paint-colors-by-family/SW7060-attitude-gray/#/7060/?s=coordinatingColors&p=PS0  This color is amazing!

shattuck 1

shattuck 2

Depending on which side of the house, how much sunlight is coming through those South Dakota clouds, and what time of day it is, this color simply transforms. It can appear to have somewhat blue/grey undertones, it can appear green, and sometimes gray or beige.  The personality portrayed through the color is exactly what the homeowner wanted and it looks spectacularly unique on its block.

We will always suggest to hire a professional to help pick your colors.  Paint swatches (large ones) on every side of your house and view at different times of the day.  Get more than one bid and check references.  This is not an inexpensive project and you don’t want to make a mistake.  We can help you to avoid this.


Deb Lauer Front 2

This is shown in a previous blog, but its so good!  We had to put it out there again! If you have an exterior project in mind, give us a call or send pictures and we are happy to help you that way as well.



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