It’s Time For A Renovation Project

Linda old 5

We love this house!  It’s a beautiful older home with great bones, character and charm.  So when this client contacted us to update the bathroom you can imagine how excited we were to be part of this project.

Linda old 2Linda old 1

We need the tub gone, so the homeowners could walk in instead of stepping over the tub.  The vent would need to be rerouted and of course the tile has to go.  It is a small bathroom so a cabinet will be a nice upgrade for the homeowners.  The wallpaper in this bathroom is beautiful, however the scale is too small and busy for such a tiny room.  The tile is too tiny as well (it really is just outdated) all those lines create chaos in the space.

Linda remodel 1

Linda remodel 2

We used larger tiles for this tiny bathroom.  We also ran the tile on a diagonal.  The combination of the two always work well to give the illusion of a larger room.  Because the tile is more modern based on the pattern and the size, the brick lay and diagonal pattern keep it classic for this very traditional home.

Linda remodel 3

This accent tile is a show stopper.  It’s hexagon shape is very traditional while the colors create a current and modern feel.  We love this tile and this bathroom is the perfect space for it!

Linda Barkers Bath 3

Linda remodel 4

Linda remodel 5

The brushed gold plumbing fixtures are like jewelry in the space.  So beautiful and timeless.  The thick glass doors run on a rail system over head, so no messy track system to keep clean.  If you can, running the accent tile both vertically and horizontally is a perfect way to add another element.

Linda remodel 6

Linda Barkers Bath 4

The counter top is quartz and concrete in appearance.  The back splash (accent tile) offers plenty of texture and pattern, we wanted to avoid more pattern on the counter.  The wallpaper is a solid color, and large quilted pattern. It offers texture, but its soft and not too busy for the small room.

Linda Barkers Bath 2

We went with the exact same style of window treatment the client had prior.  It is perfect.  We updated it by using this gorgeous textured pattern that allows some light to seep into the room beautifully.

Just to recap, we kept this small space void of any tiny, busy patterns or colors.  The tile is soft gray and large.  The wallpaper is a beautiful beige with the only pattern being a large quilted pattern.  The counter top is soft gray and all the fixtures this beautiful brushed gold finish.  The clean colors and traditional patterns in this space stay in line with the era of the home while keeping it current and giving and appearance of a larger space.  All this while making it more functional for the client by giving them a walk in shower and a cabinet for storage. This is a beautiful space in a lovely home and we were so happy to be part of this project.











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